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I am Anubhuti Jain Mishra, a Mechanical Engineer turned Mom turned Entrepreneur, who has worked with brands like Reliance, Genpact and Google. I decided to quit my job in 2019 after the birth of my son Yuvaan who was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease post birth. His health condition, frequent hospital visits and new mom pressure did not allow my body to recover post-delivery. As a result, my skin lost its glow followed by hair fall, acne issues and body fat and what not. I tried all the commercial skincare products available in the market, but nothing worked for me. This was the time I switched to natural alternatives for my skin, hair and body. I realized the power of nature when I started formulating the products for myself using all-natural ingredients and they did wonders. This experience led to the foundation of ANUBHUTI – An Experience.

ANUBHUTI, as a brand was started in 2020 to cater skin and hair care needs of every individual with a twist of natural ingredients in ecofriendly packaging. We are a homegrown brand providing 100% natural and sustainable alternatives for daily skin & hair care needs. Our products are made fresh and delivered directly to the consumers.
Our journey started in October 2020, through Instagram and Facebook page followed by exhibitions.
An initial investment of INR 2500 quickly turned the ship around and we clocked 3Lacs in sale in the first 6 months of business. 10000+ Jars/bottles have been sold till date and we boast to have built a customer base across India.

For the first year till October 2021 our sales came only through social media platforms and exhibitions. On completion of 1 year, we built and launched our own E-commerce website
Our products are available on Amazon and will soon be on various other E-commerce platforms like Myntra, Flipkart, Nykaa etc.
We have been able to stop 10650+ single use plastic from ending up in landfills in the last 1 year just by shifting to plastic free packaging.

➢ Unlike other brands we have replaced the plastic bottles/tubes with reusable and recyclable glass/aluminium bottles and jars.
➢ Replaced plastic toothbrushes and loofahs with bamboo toothbrushes and natural loofahs.
Also, all ANUBHUTI products are free of harmful chemicals and preservatives so they help in reducing the amount of chemicals drained into oceans everyday which results in disrupting our water bodies.
ANUBHUTI has a Junior care range of 5 products for kids between 3 months -13 years, which are free of any toxins.
We added a Junior care range in November 2021 with the aim that all Moms should be able to give their babies the love and care of nature that all the little ones deserve.
Our mission is to provide ecofriendly, skin friendly and budget friendly products to the consumers.

Today our contribution may seem small as compared to the problem, but we are working towards it every single day. We wish to spread the message among people to live in harmony with nature by making a conscious decision to switch to a sustainable lifestyle. ANUBHUTI is also an effort to fulfill our responsibility towards Nature in such a way that sustainability blends with everyone’s lifestyle!
Our tagline ‘OUR LOVE FOR YOU IS NATURAL’ simply represents our brand and motto.

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